Famous Blondes Birthday Calendar

I've put together a birthday calendar with the birthdays of some famous blondes. The cool thing is that you can also calculate the age of the blonde celebrities! :-)
Of course the list is far from complete. If you know of any others you would like me to add, please post them here as a comment of post on the facebook page.


January 1: Alicia Douvall (1980)
January 2: Kate Bosworth (1983)
January 5 Diane Keaton (1946), Kylie Bax (1975)
January 19: Dolly Parton (1946)
January 20: Patricia Neal (1926)
January 21: Emma Bunton (1976)
January 24: Mischa Barton (1986)
January 26: Ellen DeGeneres (1958)


February 2: Shakira (1977)
February 3: Morgan Fairchild (1950)
February 6: Sza Sza Gabor (1917), Mamie Van Doren (1931)
February 11: Jennifer Aniston (1969)
February 17: Denise Richards (1971), Paris Hilton (1981)
February 20: Ivana Trump (1949), Cindy Crawford (1966)
February 22: Jeri Ryan (1968), Drew Barrymore (1975)
February 25: Téa Leoni (1966)


March 3: Jean Harlow (1911)
March 7: Taylor Dayne (1962)
March 9: Lady Isabella Hervey (1982)
March 10: Carrie Underwood (1983), Sharon Stone (1958)
March 15: Eva Longoria (1975)
March 17: Brittany Daniel (1976)
March 22: Reese Witherspoon (1976)
March 25: Sarah Jessica Parker (1965)
March 26: Amy Smart (1976)
March 27: Mariah Carey (1969)
March 28: Julia Stiles (1981)
March 28: Lady Gaga (1986)
March 29: Elle Macpherson (1963)


April 5: Agneta Fältskog (1950)
April 14: Sarah Michelle Gellar (1977)
April 15: Sam Fox (1966)
April 18: Melissa Joan Hart (1976)
April 19 Jayne Mansfield (1933), Kate Hudson (1979), Maria Sharapova (1987)
April 25: Renée Zellweger (1969)
April 28: Kim Gordon (1953)
April 29: Michelle Pfeiffer (1958), Uma Thurman(1970)
april 30: Alexandra Holden (1977), Kirsten Dunst (1982)


May 10: Linda Evangelista (1965)
May 14: Cate Blanchett (1969)
May 29: Melissa Etheridge (1961)
May 31: Brooke Shields (1965)


June 1: Marilyn Monroe (1926)
June 6: Sonya Walger (1974)
June 7: Anna Kournikova (1981)
June 8: Kim Clijsters (1983)
June 13: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (1986)
June 22: Cyndi Lauper (1953)
June 23: Duffy (1984)
June 25: Carly Simon (1945)
June 27: Helen Keller (1880)


July 1: Debbie Harry (1945), Princess Diana (1961), Pamela Anderson (1967), Vonda Shepard (1963)
July 2: Ashley Tisdale (1985)
July 9: Courtney Love (1964)
July 10: Jessica Simpson (1980)
July 18: Kristen Bell (1980)
July 30: Lisa Kudrow (1963)


August 3: Martha Stewart (1941)
August 7: Charlize Theron (1975)
August 9: Jessica Capshaw (1976)
August 16: Madonna (1958)
August 17: Mae West (1893)
August 21: Kimberly Stewart (1979), Chantelle Houghton (1983), Hayden Panettiere (1989)
August 23: Shelley Long (1949)
August 25: Claudia Schiffer (1970)
August 30: Cameron Diaz (1972)


September 8: Pink (1979)
September 21: Maggie Grace (1983)
September 25: Barbara Walters (1929)
September 25: Heather Locklear (1961)
September 26: Olivia Newton-John (1948)
September 27: Gwyneth Paltrow (1972), Avril Lavigne (1984)
September 28: Brigitte Bardot (1934), Hilary Duff (1987)
September 29: Anita Ekberg (1931)
September 30: Jenna Elfman (1971)


October 1: Julie Andrews (1935)
October 3: Gwen Stefani (1969)
October 4: Ann Widdecombe (1947), Alicia Silverstone (1976)
October 5: Josie Bissett (1970), Kate Winslet (1975)
October 6: Lady Victoria Hervey (1976)
October 10: Joelle Carter (1972)
October 23: Nancy Grace (1959)
October 26: Hillary Clinton (1947)
October 30: Ivanka Trump (1981)


November 1: Jenny McCarthy (1972)
November 10: Brittany Murphy (1977)
November 11: Calista Flockhart (1964), Chanelle Hayes (1987)
November 12: Grace Kelly (1929)
November 19: Meg Ryan (1961), Jodie Foster (1962)
November 21: Goldie Hawn (1945)
November 22: Scarlett Johansson (1984)
November 23: Miley Cyrus (1992)
November 24: Katherine Heigl (1978)
November 25: Christina Applegate (1971)
November 28: Anna Nicole Smith (1967)
November 29: Gena Lee Nolin (1971)
November 30: Elisha Cuthbert (1982)


December 1: Jodie Platz (1984)
December 2: Britney Spears (1981)
December 3: Daryl Hannah (1960)
December 13: Taylor Swift (1989)
December 18: Christina Aguilera (1980)
December 21: Chris Evert (1954)
December 23: Jodie Marsh (1978)
December 25: Annie Lennox (1954), Dido (1971)
December 27: Emilie de Ravin (1981)
December 28: Sienna Miller (1981)

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