Famous Blondes Birthday Calendar

I've put together a birthday calendar with the birthdays of some famous blondes. The cool thing is that you can also calculate the age of the blonde celebrities! :-)
Of course the list is far from complete. If you know of any others you would like me to add, please post them here as a comment of post on the facebook page.


January 1: Alicia Douvall (1980)
January 2: Kate Bosworth (1983)
January 5 Diane Keaton (1946), Kylie Bax (1975)
January 19: Dolly Parton (1946)
January 20: Patricia Neal (1926)
January 21: Emma Bunton (1976)
January 24: Mischa Barton (1986)
January 26: Ellen DeGeneres (1958)


February 2: Shakira (1977)
February 3: Morgan Fairchild (1950)
February 6: Sza Sza Gabor (1917), Mamie Van Doren (1931)
February 11: Jennifer Aniston (1969)
February 17: Denise Richards (1971), Paris Hilton (1981)
February 20: Ivana Trump (1949), Cindy Crawford (1966)
February 22: Jeri Ryan (1968), Drew Barrymore (1975)
February 25: Téa Leoni (1966)


March 3: Jean Harlow (1911)
March 7: Taylor Dayne (1962)
March 9: Lady Isabella Hervey (1982)
March 10: Carrie Underwood (1983), Sharon Stone (1958)
March 15: Eva Longoria (1975)
March 17: Brittany Daniel (1976)
March 22: Reese Witherspoon (1976)
March 25: Sarah Jessica Parker (1965)
March 26: Amy Smart (1976)
March 27: Mariah Carey (1969)
March 28: Julia Stiles (1981)
March 28: Lady Gaga (1986)
March 29: Elle Macpherson (1963)


April 5: Agneta Fältskog (1950)
April 14: Sarah Michelle Gellar (1977)
April 15: Sam Fox (1966)
April 18: Melissa Joan Hart (1976)
April 19 Jayne Mansfield (1933), Kate Hudson (1979), Maria Sharapova (1987)
April 25: Renée Zellweger (1969)
April 28: Kim Gordon (1953)
April 29: Michelle Pfeiffer (1958), Uma Thurman(1970)
april 30: Alexandra Holden (1977), Kirsten Dunst (1982)


May 10: Linda Evangelista (1965)
May 14: Cate Blanchett (1969)
May 29: Melissa Etheridge (1961)
May 31: Brooke Shields (1965)


June 1: Marilyn Monroe (1926)
June 6: Sonya Walger (1974)
June 7: Anna Kournikova (1981)
June 8: Kim Clijsters (1983)
June 13: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (1986)
June 22: Cyndi Lauper (1953)
June 23: Duffy (1984)
June 25: Carly Simon (1945)
June 27: Helen Keller (1880)


July 1: Debbie Harry (1945), Princess Diana (1961), Pamela Anderson (1967), Vonda Shepard (1963)
July 2: Ashley Tisdale (1985)
July 9: Courtney Love (1964)
July 10: Jessica Simpson (1980)
July 18: Kristen Bell (1980)
July 30: Lisa Kudrow (1963)


August 3: Martha Stewart (1941)
August 7: Charlize Theron (1975)
August 9: Jessica Capshaw (1976)
August 16: Madonna (1958)
August 17: Mae West (1893)
August 21: Kimberly Stewart (1979), Chantelle Houghton (1983), Hayden Panettiere (1989)
August 23: Shelley Long (1949)
August 25: Claudia Schiffer (1970)
August 30: Cameron Diaz (1972)


September 8: Pink (1979)
September 21: Maggie Grace (1983)
September 25: Barbara Walters (1929)
September 25: Heather Locklear (1961)
September 26: Olivia Newton-John (1948)
September 27: Gwyneth Paltrow (1972), Avril Lavigne (1984)
September 28: Brigitte Bardot (1934), Hilary Duff (1987)
September 29: Anita Ekberg (1931)
September 30: Jenna Elfman (1971)


October 1: Julie Andrews (1935)
October 3: Gwen Stefani (1969)
October 4: Ann Widdecombe (1947), Alicia Silverstone (1976)
October 5: Josie Bissett (1970), Kate Winslet (1975)
October 6: Lady Victoria Hervey (1976)
October 10: Joelle Carter (1972)
October 23: Nancy Grace (1959)
October 26: Hillary Clinton (1947)
October 30: Ivanka Trump (1981)


November 1: Jenny McCarthy (1972)
November 10: Brittany Murphy (1977)
November 11: Calista Flockhart (1964), Chanelle Hayes (1987)
November 12: Grace Kelly (1929)
November 19: Meg Ryan (1961), Jodie Foster (1962)
November 21: Goldie Hawn (1945)
November 22: Scarlett Johansson (1984)
November 23: Miley Cyrus (1992)
November 24: Katherine Heigl (1978)
November 25: Christina Applegate (1971)
November 28: Anna Nicole Smith (1967)
November 29: Gena Lee Nolin (1971)
November 30: Elisha Cuthbert (1982)


December 1: Jodie Platz (1984)
December 2: Britney Spears (1981)
December 3: Daryl Hannah (1960)
December 13: Taylor Swift (1989)
December 18: Christina Aguilera (1980)
December 21: Chris Evert (1954)
December 23: Jodie Marsh (1978)
December 25: Annie Lennox (1954), Dido (1971)
December 27: Emilie de Ravin (1981)
December 28: Sienna Miller (1981)

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Sure, you'll be able to cut your fat intake and don't eat anything tasty, but the real answer to keeping our bodies healthy and reducing your weight is always to exercise. garcinia cambogia qatar In the finish, just make sure you stick to healthy, balanced choices while focusing on fitness, not merely appearance. Also do not consume sugar, oily and fatty substances like clarified butter, butter and sweet potato. Many people eat reasonably, exercise moderately and do the proper things for weight management, but nevertheless gain weight. You'll fare better with healthy weight reduction weight loss programs if you realise about correct portions.

The new studies are suggesting rye bread boosts the a feeling of fullness up to eight hours. Don't stay longer than five hours without a normal snack, she says, and ideally, use a snack or meal "every three to four hours. Whatever it will take make an attempt to get motivated, if it takes Beth Chapman to motivate you then use that for a advantage. When you feel like you already know the particulars of your walking route, make a whole new one. Nutritionists have known for any long time that liquefying your vegatables and fruits which has a blender significantly raises the nutrition that goes to and is also utilized by one's body.

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Good protein sources include lean meat, beans and nuts. Find a Philly diet doctor that understands cellulite reduction , cholesterol monitoring and could even perform skin tightening treatments within their practice. Kelly Clarkson is at good spirits as she turns up at BBC Radio 1 studios in London, England. Hence selecting the correct type of treatment or being active is crucial. These two areas house that whole with the program and possess everything which you need.

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Really, Cali fags: Gorgeous satisfy, due to sugars the greatest, think again take a look at peak proper down to Elegant Region your "life partner" that you diligently been lately while having it truly is 90 days.

Any weight reduction that can bring drastic change in your physique is just not natural therefore you should stay away from any such weight loss program. Diets could only work well when employed in in conjunction with exercise. Pumpkin isn't only a brilliant healthy treat, but it's also one of the greatest weight-loss foods around. For instance, you may be capable to decrease the chance of severe muscle loss by maintaining regular activity, particularly if your exercise program features a resistance training component. garcinia cambogia tamil name The sad truth is, numerous years of obesity and jumping derived from one of fad diet to an alternative could possibly have confused your mind and body in what is actually your ideal weight.

You can certainly still have your candy cheesecake, but now in a smaller slice and not your usual slab and without drizzling it with raspberry sauce. Cold water lowers your core temperature, which makes your body burn calories to heat you back up. According to the National Weight Control Registry and several academic researchers, there are certain factors that determine the long-term success of those who slim down. A lot in the exercise moves and recommendations are unsafe for the majority of people. The following antiparasitics are often prescribed: albdendazole, medendazole and pyrantel.

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Khloe Kardashian admitted she lost an impressive 20 pounds in 20 days to Life & Style magazine last June by training with hubby Lamar Odom and eating the usual boring celeb diet foods. System strengthener: Consuming a higher potassium diet enhances the bones as well as the muscles, while causing faster recovery of injuries like cuts and swellings. Even with the warnings set up, doctors still prescribe the injections. Thus, you are feeling less hungry and automatically eat out at smaller level of foods. Kelly Clarkson looks slim within the February 2013 issue of Cosmopolitan after her 18 pound weight-loss.

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